Strengthening Bond with Bune

ritual to strengthen ypur bond with Bune

Purpose: As the name would suggest this ritual is used to help deepen your connection with Duchess Bune and show your gratitude and an ongoing commitment to your bond with Her.

Much like the Pledge ritual, this builds upon long term working with Bune and can take your relationship to another level. It isn’t required, but it is very much appreciated, cementing and enhancing the give and take nature of your work with Her.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil, either drawn or printed. If it’s possible to craft or paint a beautiful sigil artwork, this will be an additional sign of devotion.
Gold candle to represent the influence and power of Lady Bune.
An offering or pledge of your choice – this could be an item of personal value, a handwritten note of dedication, a crafted item, or any other token you feel represents your bond.
Incense: Sandalwood or musk (optional).



Prepare your sacred space by clearing any clutter and ensuring you have a quiet and peaceful environment.

Lay out Bune’s sigil in front of you.

If you wish you can anoint the gold candle with a few drops of essential oil, your choice as to what you feel Bune would enjoy.

Light the gold candle and place it immediately behind Bune’s sigil.

If using incense, light it now. Allow its scent to envelop the space, as an additional offering to Lady Bune.

With your hands open either side of Bune’s sigil, recite Bune’s Enn three times to call upon her energy: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa“.

Speak from the heart or recite the following dedication: “Lady Bune, Great Duchess of wisdom and power, I come before you to strengthen our bond. I offer this [name your offering or pledge] as a token of my commitment, respect, and appreciation for your guidance.

Place your offering or pledge beside or on Bune’s sigil.

Sit in meditation for a few moments, reflecting on your relationship with Bune and what it means to you. Send your gratitude and intent into the offering or pledge. Thank Bune for specific moments you have shared and experienced, successes you have had, and talk openly and from the heart about how She has changed your life.

When you are ready, recite Bune’s Enn three more times, sealing the energy and the connection.

End with a strong declaration: “Oh Great Bune, glory to Your Name, I thank you. Blessed be!,” before blowing out the candle.


Additional Information

Remember, the true power of a ritual lies in your intent and sincerity. By offering something of value or pledging a commitment, you show Lady Bune that you genuinely appreciate her guidance and wish to cultivate a deeper connection. Over time, with genuine devotion, your bond with her will undoubtedly grow stronger.

It’s important that you don’t ask for anything during the ‘Strengthening Bond with Bune’ ritual. It is all about your giving to Her.