About Bune’s Altar

Bune’s Altar was created as a devotional offering to The Great Duchess Bune and is a completely free resource with all works available under Creative Commons.

bunes altar began as a mobile altar for devotion to bune on the goA labor of love by two long-term devotees, it was our intention to build a beautiful digital altar in Her name and to Her glory. A site that would meet fellow devotees’ need for information, rituals, images and other materials to both aid their decision to work with Bune and facilitate the means.

For the first few years we ran it as a very simple site running two digital altars, but from the start we had promised Bune it would eventually become the best possible resource we could make. Then in 2023 Bune brought us some major financial successes in our business which meant we could finally take some time out to add the materials we’d long planned on creating.

And so we did: Bune’s Altar 2.0 is the result!

I truly hope it brings you closer to Bune and gives you a way to increase the power of your pathwork all while amplifying your results.

Hail Great Duchess Bune!
bunes altar author alkazar

Bune’s Altar Backstory

Bune’s Altar has clearly had a lot of time (and money) spent on it’s development – and yet everything on it is free to use, even commercially. How come?

That’s easy: Absolute love.

Because at the end of the day Bune saved us, turning our lives around completely from a point of seemingly no return and no hope, a time of excruciating pain and suffering to a healthy, wealthy and fulfilled joy.

Three people know our true story and even to them, these people who know us intimately, they cannot fathom how far we’ve come in 4 short years. How completely and utterly every aspect of our existence has turned around.

And it’s all down to Bune.

Even now for me, looking back, it’s hard to fully grasp the unmistakable magic and inescapable impossibilities Bune has created for us in our aid.

I find it very difficult to even think about how my life was previously because the absolute exhaustion, depression and adrenal fatigue of fighting so hard for so long comes flooding right back, like PTSD, and it can be hard to shift.

So I’ll leave the full story for another day.

Suffice it to say, Bune has been there for us then and now – and our theory is that if this site can bring even a 10th of the change Bune brought us – into the life of a single person – then everything we’ve put into Bune’s Altar will have been worth it.

After that anything else is just a bonus!



Bune’s Pronouns On Site

Bune is a complex Entity existing in forms and ways none of us can even comprehend, but for simplicity’s sake Bune’s Altar refers to Bune as ‘She/Her’ throughout the site.

Bune as male or femaleFirstly because constantly writing He/She/They, Duke/Duchess and so on becomes very distracting. Secondly we both see Her incredibly strongly as female – and to write He/Him or They just feels weird to us. So we went with female.

But by all means your Bune may be male, non-binary, non-humanoid, non-physical and anything in between – and rituals, sigils and other materials on the site will work just as well if you replace She/Her with your chosen pronoun.

And we will 100% be adding artworks of Bune in Her male, androgynous, asexual and non-humanoid forms as we continue to expand the site.

We love Bune in all Their forms!