Ritual of Pledging

ritual of pledging

Purpose:The Ritual of Pledging is a profound commitment, marking yourself indelibly as under the guidance and influence of Bune. Once pledged to Bune, you will enjoy Her gifts of protection, nurture and abundance.

When Pledging yourself to Bune, for Bune to take you into Her inner circle, you should make a pledge offering, stating what you will do for Her. This can be anything that resonates with you, but should be no trivial matter.

Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil.
Black and gold candles.
Incense: Sandalwood or Oud.
A written note, representing your pledge, what you propose to do for Bune.


In the day leading up to your Pledge, meditate on what it means to you to work with Bune on such a close level. Think of successes She has brought you, questions She has answered, and focus on ways you can continue to improve your relationship.

On the day of the Pledge:

Cleanse your environment, ensuring tranquility. Turn off digital devices and avoid any other interruptions.

Lay out Bune’s sigil in front of you. For this ritual it is advisable to draw a sigil by hand, as best you can – focusing on what it means to work with Bune as you draw.

Light both the black and gold candles, placing them on either side of the sigil.

Light the incense, deepening the atmosphere of commitment.

When ready, hold your note in your hands and recite Bune’s Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa“.

Convey your pledge to Bune either from heart, or by reading your note. Finish by saying:
Lady Bune, Queen of profound insight, I pledge myself to you.
In this act, I symbolize my commitment, loyalty, and trust in your guidance.
I promise to honor our bond, seeking always to learn, grow, and act with respect to our connection.

Fold up your note and place it upon Bune’s sigil, letting it absorb the energy of your commitment and the power of the ritual.

Take the gold candle and pour some of it’s molten wax carefully over the note to seal the pledge.

Meditate for a moment, reflecting on the depth of your commitment.

When ready, to close, recite Bune’s Enn three more times, then declare firmly: “With this pledge I give to thee, as I will, so mote it be. Hail Bune!


More Information

The Ritual of Pledging marks a significant moment in your journey with the Great Duchess Bune. Whilst not a pact, this Pledge should not be given lightly as once sealed in wax it becomes unbreakable. You must do as you have pledged to do, or expect some form of undoing of past successes. As in life, only make commitments you are willing and able to keep.