Bune Artwork

All our Bune artwork is here to help bring you closer to ‘Your’ Bune, be it printed for use on your altar, made into wall art for your home – or simply to have a clearer picture in your mind of Her appearance.

All Bune artwork on this page is based on devotee descriptions of how Bune has appeared to them in ‘fair’ form, from Her most ‘typical’ aspects, in black, gold, red or green to some more unique variations.

Of all the ancient Daemons, Bune is perhaps the Being most subject to change depending on the viewer, Her appearance changing on the devotees belief structure, personality, mood, need or circumstances – be Bune a She, a He, a young girl, an old lady, asexual, dark or fair, human, humanoid or creature.

‘Your’ Bune may be one of the following, a combination of these artworks or you may be drawn to an image despite it being different to how you would typically envisage Her.

Each work or set of Bune artwork includes a description of Bune and any particular details or aspects of Her powers and personality commonly associated with each form or appearance.

Note that all artwork on this page is available for free, for any use, under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

a close up of Dark Bune showing her regal face in detail

Bune’s dark aspect is typically (but not universally) coupled with her work with the dead, and in this appearance Bune can often be mistaken for Hekate.

Dark Bune has jet black hair, unusually pale skin and wears black, or near black clothing which is incredibly fine quality to the point of being regal – denoting Her high rank.

She may wear an ornate crown and carry a silver and gold wine-filled chalice with which to bring ease and comfort to the dead.

She is eloquent and refined, elegant and poised, and moves with an effortless glide – and yet under this calm exterior it is abundantly clear Bune holds incredible power, which can be visible in glints and crackles within her two different-colored eyes.

Despite Her dark appearance and serious demeanor, Dark Bune is loving and deeply caring to Her devotees, as well as being hugely protective. Her wicked sense of humor will reveal itself regularly when She meets your needs in sometimes wildly unexpected ways.

a close up portrait of Egyptian Bune

Bune frequently presents as an Egyptian queen or deity, which is unsurprising given Her history in dynastic Egypt and many occultist’s strong attraction to the era.

Like Dark Bune, Her Egyptian form has jet black hair, but where Dark Bune is pale and gaunt, Egyptian Bune has a healthy glow and strong Middle-East / North African features. She dresses in dynastic-era clothing fit for a queen, resplendent in gold, turquoise, carnelian, jasper and lapis.

She may wear an Egyptian headdress or headband, with her glossy black hair worn up or in a mid-length cut, her face decoration ornate and precise. She is incredibly regal and refined, her moves elegant and poised, and her charisma, intelligence and eloquence make her a truly engaging deity to work with, answering questions with ease, candor and good humor.

Egyptian Bune, much like most of Her forms, is loving and deeply protective of Her devotees, a protection that can see Her darker destructive side come to the fore when Her followers and their plans are attacked or threatened.

She is particularly associated with wealth and the power that comes with it.

close up painting of Gold Bune in gold armour with fearsome molten gold infernal-style helmet

Where Bune’s Egyptian aspect has some focus on wealth and power, Her gold aspect is wholly dedicated to not only wealth, but to building significant financial success and business power.

Bune has an immensly funny and dark sense of humor, and this can be seen by her manifesting in a much more visually extreme kind of ‘infernal’ aesthetic – as the kind of wealth demon extreme practitioners expect to see, to match their consuming thirst for gold. If they want to make a deal with the devil, She’ll give them a devil!

When She’s not dripping molten gold and exuding sulfurous smoke, Gold Bune will more typically manifest as a well-dressed inhabitant of the C-suite, and Her advice in business, magnetic attraction to high-value clients and help in pushing through deals are second to none.

Gold Bune is a true force to be reckoned with and can help any struggling business, start-up entrepreneur or founder enjoy success that seems to go above and beyond even their wildest dreams.

close up detail portrait of Winged Bune

There are many who see Bune as having vast black wings, with scholars likening Her to Mesopotamian goddesses Ishtar or Ereshkigal.

Others suggest Bune to be a ‘fallen’ or dark angel and that She has simply retained Her wings.

Typically appearing in armor – either uncovered or hidden by dark cloth wrapping – Winged Bune is a ferocious warrior and protector of Her followers, sometimes wielding a giant flaming sword, and She has the ability to create and command fire, fire beings and elementals at will.

As with the majority of Her fair forms, Winged Bune has flowing dark hair but her association with fire sees her blood run hot and her skin can take on reddish tones, particularly when angered.

Like many of her aspects, Winged Bune is loving and deeply protective of Her devotees, but with Winged Bune, much as Her Egyptian aspect, this protective essence will see Her darker destructive nature wreak havoc if her followers are being attacked.

If an injustice is served upon her devotees, Winged Bune will rapidly rain down vengeance.

close up detail porrait of Midnight Bune showing her pale gaunt face

Midnight Bune is wholly associated with necromancy and spirit guidance, Her role being to help the deceased – particularly those who have met traumatic ends, led a tragic life, or are at risk of danger on their journey to a final resting place.

With skin as pale as moonlight, Her near transparent and slight body hides the vast strength and power required to battle fearsome entities wishing to harm Her charges. Her calm, almost characterless face hides an incredible compassion, kindness and empathy needed to tenderly calm and soothe confused and agitated spirits on their final road.

Due to the dangers Midnight Bune faces when veils are at their thinnest and when those with ill-intent are at large, Bune seldom travels alone, having with her additional protective forces, either to act as nurses for damaged travelers, or warriors in the event of an attack or counter-claim on the soul of those she is conveying.

Midnight Bune’s tight focus means She will not assist with any requirements outside of those relating to spirit communication.

Close up portrait of Red Bune with her eyes closed

Where most aspects of Bune are dark in nature and appearance, Red Bune is bright, passionate and filled with vitality, and for many exudes a sensualness and even strong sexuality which can be both overpowering and unexpected in equal measure!

She is associated with eloquence and charm, wit and intelligence, and will bring about these characteristics in Her devotees – particularly in female followers – improving and increasing attractiveness in life, love and business. For those new to working with Bune who have experienced strong sensual or sexual feelings simply from gazing upon Her sigil, or whilst working unrelated rituals – this is the Red Bune aspect.

Her typical fair appearance is of a youthful Goddess, dressed from head to toe in scarlet, with cloak, gauntlets and high-necked bodices leaving only her face exposed. Due to her vigor, She may expose more flesh and can even appear ‘skyclad’ if the mood takes Her.

Red Bune is a powerful being, more than capable of conducting any of the works typically associated with Bune – with the exception of necromancy, as Her realm is that of the living.

close up portrait of green Bune

Like Her red aspect, Green Bune is a life-giving and health-bringing force, differing from red in that Her focus is on birth, rebirth, nature, nurture and general well being.

Green is most commonly Bune’s aspect attracted and attractive to witches, druids and other nature-centric pagans and Her powers focus on helping followers attain ‘enough’ and reach a contentment in balance with all beings and life forces around them.

Green Bune may manifest as a young maiden, a blossoming mother, or a wise woman in her autumn years – echoing the ‘Maiden Mother Crone’ belief system held by many pagans, and similar to Hekate’s three apects.

Her powers combine those of all aspects of Bune making Her one of the most rounded, balanced and overall benevolent forms of the Great Duchess – and for those devotees not seeking great financial wealth, power or business success, Green Bune is often the best choice and easiest to work with.

As with the natural world, give and take in balance…