Bune Videos

Bune’s Altar has recently started a YouTube Channel featuring a growing number of Bune’s Enn meditations and other devotional works celebrating Bune.

Bune’s Enn and Devotional Videos

old tv to go with bune videosBune’s Enn “Wehl Mehlan Avage Bune Tasa” forms a central component in any interaction with this great deity and so we wanted to create a number of different Enn-based videos celebrating this powerful phrase in a variety of styles.

Whether these help a meditational tone, form a backdrop to a working – or are simply a way to enjoy Bune’s Enn, we hope they can prove useful.

Please note that the audio in these videos is made available by Creative Commons Attribute ShareAlike 4.0 – but parts of the videos themselves contain 3rd party copyrighted material, and so are outside of our regular CC policy.


Bune Videos: Bune Devotional and Ritual Videos


Bune Videos: Bune’s Enn

We will be adding new videos regularly, so please subscribe to our channel and ensure you don’t miss out on any new releases.