Ritual of Business Success

ritual of business success

Purpose: The Ritual of Business Success draws favorable opportunities, and prosperity into business ventures, or new enterprises.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil, either drawn or printed.
Green, red, and gold candles.
Incense: Oud
Essential oil of orange.
A business card or a small item representing your business (such as a logo).
A coin made of solid copper or fine gold.



Start chanting Bune’s Enn “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa” and as you chant, perform the following work:

Lay Bune’s sigil on a flat surface in front of you.

Arrange the green, red, and gold candles around the sigil in a triangle, with the gold candle being farthest from you.

Position the business card or representative item and the coin in the center, next to the sigil.

Anoint each candle with the essential oil of orange, beginning with the gold candle, progressing to the green, and finally the red.

Light the candles in the same order.

Ignite the incense and allow the fragrance to fill the room, purifying the atmosphere and aligning it with your intent.

When you have finished, concentrate on the design of the sigil, letting its intricate patterns anchor in your mind.

At a point when you feel the atmoshphere in the room shift, recite the following:

Great Duchess Bune, beacon of ancient lore, assist my endeavors to thrive and soar,” as you place your left hand carefully over the gold candle without burning.
Queen Bune, with your guidance so vast, usher in success that’s meant to last,” as you move your hand carefully over the green candle.
Then “Lady Bune, with the earth and fire’s dance, bless my business with abundance and enhance.” as you turn your hand to the remaining candle.

Remove your hand from the candle, holding it now over the coin and begin to meditate on your business aspirations.
Visualize growth, positive client interactions, and the success you seek, as if the flames of the surrounding candles are powering these opportunities into reality as the warmth of your hand flows to the coin below.

There will come a moment when you realize the meditation is done and the power has been transferred.

Return your attention to Bune’s sigil and chant the Enn three more times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa”

Finalize the ritual with the affirmation, “In Bune’s will, so mote it be.” and immediately blow out the candles.


Additional Information

In the ritual of business success, at the point where you are visualizing business growth and aspirations, some find it helps to vocalize these, especially when business concepts are complex and become difficult to visualize. In the realm of a modern data-driven world, how does one even begin to visualize ROI, PPC and marketing spreadsheets…