Ritual of Gratitude

ritual of gratitude

Purpose: The Ritual of Gratitude is a means to offer profound and heartfelt thanks to Bune for her assistance and guidance.

Typically carried out after a working has come to a successful conclusion, carrying out a Ritual of Gratitude means more to Bune than any trinket or toy and will set you in good standing for future workings.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil (hand-drawn or printed)
A white candle
Incense: Sandalwood
An offering (this can be a treat food, cake, candy or fruit, or a simple item such as a crystal, coin, or something you were drawn to as being an item Bune would appreciate).


Preparation: Reflect upon the result or assistance you’ve received, allowing feelings of gratitude to build up in your heart.

Setting the Space: Create a tranquil environment free of disturbances. Position Bune’s sigil centrally, with the candle to its right and the incense to its left.

Calling Bune: Gaze upon Bune’s sigil, and intone Bune’s Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa“.

Lighting the Candle: As you light the candle, say:
As this flame rises, so does my gratitude, O Lady Bune.
As this flame warms, may my thanks reach you, illuminating our bond.

Presenting the Offering: Hold the offering over the candle’s flame (without letting it get damaged) and say:
Great Duchess Bune, this offering is but a small token of my gratitude, a symbol of the deep appreciation I feel for your guidance and assistance.
Place the offering beside Bune’s sigil.

Incense Offering: Light the sandalwood incense, allowing its aroma to fill the space. Say, “May this fragrant offering be a pleasing testament to my gratitude, Queen Bune.

Meditation: Sit in a meditative stance, focusing on the blessings and changes that have taken place. Internalize the feelings of gratitude, understanding that this energy will radiate and strengthen your bond with Bune.

Closing the Ritual: Stand up with vigor and conviction. Raise your arms towards the sky and speak with sincerity and passion: “Hail Bune!” Repeat this three times, each with increasing intensity.


Additional Information:

Performing this ritual with genuine emotion and gratitude will not only strengthen your bond with Lady Bune but also keep the energies balanced, ensuring a harmonious relationship.

For smaller ‘wins’, simply saying “Thank you Bune, glory to Your name” with strong feeling and emotional charge will suffice – as with all things Bune, it’s your intention and sincerity that carries more weight than any ritual.