Ritual of Petition

ritual of petition

Purpose: The Ritual of Petition is means to formally and respectfully present a need, want, or requirement to Lady Bune, pledging an offering upon fruition.

A petition is a time-honored way of reaching out to spiritual entities, detailing specific desires, and making pledges. Given the importance of ensuring that Bune isn’t viewed as a mere transactional entity, any petition should emphasize respect, genuine need, and mutual benefit.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil.
A gold candle.
Incense: Oud or Sandalwood.
A piece of parchment or high-quality paper upon which to write your petition.
A fine ink pen.
A small, sealed box or envelope.


Writing the Petition:

Taking your parchment and pen, begin by addressing Lady Bune, acknowledging her wisdom and power. Write down your specific request, being as clear and concise as possible. Convey why this need is important to you and how it aligns with your overall goals or life journey. End by promising an offering to Bune when the petition comes to fruition, detailing what the offering will be.


Preparation: Before beginning the ritual, take some time in solitude to reflect upon your true needs. Ask yourself if your request comes from a place of genuine need or a merely fleeting desire.

Setting the Space: Cleanse your environment, making sure it’s tranquil and devoid of disturbances. Lay Bune’s sigil in front of you, lighting the gold candle on its right and placing the incense to its left.

Invoking Lady Bune: Recite Bune’s Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa“.

Presenting the Petition: Holding the written parchment over the candle’s flame (without letting it catch fire), recite:
Lady Bune, Great Duchess of power, I humbly present my need.
Not out of mere whim, but driven by purpose.
As the fire illuminates, may my request be made clear to you.

Stare at the parchment and candle flame, let your gaze hold as you think upon the fulfillment of your request. Picture your life with this improvement. Feel how you will feel when the petition is complete.

Sealing the Petition: Place the parchment inside the box or envelope, sealing it. As you do so, say:
As this petition is sealed, so too is my pledge to you, Queen Bune.
I respect the balance of give and take, and will honor our bond.

Meditation: Spend a few minutes more meditating on your need, visualizing it coming to fruition, and feeling gratitude for Bune’s guidance and influence.

Closing the Ritual: To end, recite Bune’s Enn three more times. Then, with conviction, say: “With this petition I’ve sealed to Thee, Your will be done, so mote it be.

Storing the Petition: Keep the sealed petition in a safe place until your request has been answered. Once it has, you may dispose of the petition by burying, or burning the paper. Do ensure you honor your pledge of offering promptly and with gratitude.

More Information:

Bune works remarkably fast. We have had petition requests happen within minutes – this can be especially so if you are requesting something to come to fruition that you’ve already been working on.

As with all work with Bune, for anything at scale, it’s not simply a case of making a petition and sitting back, expecting a bar of gold to fall into your lap. Bune will create circumstances, opportunities and coincidences that together with your actions, will lead to a result.