Initial Ritual of Introduction

ritual of introduction

Purpose: The Ritual of Introduction, is a way to formally reach out to Lady Bune and let Her know of your interest in working with Her. It is not a pact or pledge, but can form the beginnings of a long and fruitful journey.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil
Yellow or gold candle
Incense: Oud or sandalwood
A small bowl of fresh water (to represent your fresh intent and beginnings).


Clear your space, ensuring a quiet and serene environment.

Place Bune’s sigil before you.

Light the candle and place behind the sigil.

Light the incense, letting its aroma fill the air.

With your hands held open, palms facing upwards, take three deep breaths and recite Bune’s Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa“.

Speak sincerely from the heart or recite the following as you gesture towards the candle:
Great Duchess Bune, I stand at the threshold of a new path.
I reach out to you, in respect and curiosity, seeking guidance and connection.
May this light serve as a beacon, letting you know I am here, ready and willing.

Place your fingertips in the water, then dab the water around your eyes while saying “May this water cleanse my vision so that I may see your signs clearly

Place your fingertips in the water again, then dab the water around your ears while saying “May this water purify my hearing so that I may listen to your voice

Place your fingertips in the water one more time, then dab the water around your mouth while saying “May this water give my words purity when I call upon you

Use your hands to pull some of the incense smoke towards your nose and say “May this incense light up my senses, warm my heart and focus my mind so that I may know you in all Your guises

Now focus your gaze on Bune’s sigil and candle.

Let the candle burn as you meditate on your intentions and desires regarding forming your relationship with Lady Bune. Do this for as long as you feel is required to get your initial message imprinted in the ether.

When your meditation has finished recite Bune’s Enn once more and declare: “As you will, so mote it be.

Snuff the candle and stand.

Hold your left hand over your heart and say “Thank you Great Bune, I await your answer.


More Information

This Ritual of Introduction marks a significant step in your journey with Lady Bune. You are opening yourself up to Her and letting it be known that you wish to work with her. The candle and your voice saying her Enn and name will act as a beacon to her – and She will know you.

You may experience signs and thoughts over the coming days to indicate Bune’s readiness to work with you. Always approach Bune with respect, sincerity, and clear intention. By doing so, you pave the way for a strong and beneficial relationship.