Bune Resources

Bune resources from digital Altars to artwork, downloadable sigils to results-getting pathwork, Bune’s Altar is a one-stop shop for Bune’s followers and devotees – with everything available completely free, for any devotional purpose.

Digital Altars

BunesAltar.com began with a single digital altar giving Bune’s devotees access to an audio-visual devotional space in their pocket or on their desktop, no matter where they were.

We are now expanding this offering to give many more options in look, theme and interactivity – and all for free.

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Bune Artwork

We have produced a gallery of high quality artworks showing Bune in all of Her common ‘fair’ forms.

Click images to download HD print-ready images for any devotional purpose, including commercial use, with all artwork made available under Creative Commons 4.0.

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Bune Sigils

Bune’s sigils have a remarkable effect in assisting contact, or as a way to amplify pathwork in Her name.

We have put together a collection of Her sigils available in a number of styles and alchemic recipes, and these can be downloaded in high resolution PNG, JPG and SVG formats. As with all content on BunesAltar.com, these are shared under Creative Commons 4.0 and can be used for any devotional purpose, personal or commercial.

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Bune Pathwork

Whilst Bune can do incredibly effective work without any of the complexity associated with high magick, many devotees enjoy the structure, theater and headspace achieved by following proven rituals.

As such we provide a wide range of free rituals, spells, petitions, pacts and pledges, in a number of styles and frameworks. These can be used as-is or can form a foundational path to creating your own unique works.

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