Ritual of Urgent Payment

ritual of urgent payment

Purpose: The aim of the Ritual of Urgent Payment, is to swiftly attract the necessary funds required to settle an immediate debt or outstanding bill.

The Ritual of Urgent Payment works fast and is to be used only when the caster is in a dire situation, having tried other options, and needs an immediate financial boost.


Items Needed:

Bune’s second sigil, either drawn freehand, or printed.
Green, and gold candles.
Incense: Sandalwood.
Olive oil.
A piece of paper and a pen.
Copper coin.
A small cloth bag or pouch.



Begin by placing Bune’s 2nd sigil on a flat surface before you.

Arrange the green, and gold candles either side of sigil having first smeared their length with olive oil.

Light the candles and incense.

Take a moment to meditate on the design of the sigil, letting its energy resonate with you. Allow your eyes to drift out of focus until the edges of the sigil begin to blur and shimmer in the candle light.

Whilst looking at the sigil, begin to connect with Bune by chanting her Enn: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa” – intone this 26 times, sensing Her benevolent presence growing around you.

Without breaking your stare at the sigil write down the exact amount of money you urgently need on the piece of paper. This does not need to be neat.

Take the paper and begin to fold it over on itself thee times so the writing becomes hidden.

On the first fold, say “Great Duchess Bune, guide prosperity to me.
On the second fold say “Queen Bune, my need is great. Open doors, so this money will swiftly reach my shores.
On the third fold say “Lady Bune, with your might, aid me in this financial plight.”

Hold the coin and the folded paper tightly in your left hand and as you do so meditate upon the sigil deeply, visualizing a flow of energy from the sigil and the candles into the coin. As you meditate chant softly “Lady Bune hear my plea, money money come to me“. Feel your hand warm as the energy combines between the copper coin and your written value.

When you feel the coin is sufficiently energized, place it and the folded paper into the small cloth bag or pouch.

When the coin and paper is in the bag, feel a strong sense of sincere gratitude to Bune for her assistance in your plight.

Return your focus to Bune’s sigil and chant the Enn three more times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

Conclude the ritual with a strong, resolute statement: “It is Done.” and immediately blow out the candles.

Keep the bag close to you until your need is met. This copper coin will act as a strong attracting force.


Additional Information

This ritual may bring money to your plight from the most unexpected sources, or it may highlight the means to attain the required money. It will work fastest if your need is true and you already have a relationship with Bune, but it will always work.