Ritual for Business Guidance

ritual for business guidance

Purpose: This Ritual for Business Guidance and Prosperity seeks Bune’s aid in steering business ventures, attracting opportunities, guiding decision-making, magnetizing customers or clients, enhancing service quality, increasing profitability, and establishing a lasting legacy.

This is a long-term work, and will run from when it’s cast until such time as you feel the business is established to a level you are happy with. It may also involve raising a seedling successfully, as a symbol of the growth in your business, so if you are not green-fingered, this element of the ritual might not be for you!


Items Needed:

Bune’s 2nd sigil (power sigil)
A cloth to cover the working space in green or blue, colors of prosperity and depth.
Candles in orange, yellow, red, black, and gold, to represent various aspects of Bune’s power.
Essential oil of orange, and honey to anoint candles, symbolizing the sweet scent of success.
Incense of Oud or Sandalwood, to please Bune and invite her energy.
Copper coins and gold items as offerings, signifying wealth and appreciation.
A bowl of soil to represent the foundation and growth of your business.
A small magnet to symbolize the attraction of clients and opportunities.
A piece of paper/parchment and a pen for writing down your business goals and desires.



Sanctifying the Space: At the dawn of a new business day, cleanse your ritual space with incense, creating a clear, focused environment.

Altar Preparation: Lay out the altar cloth and place the sigil of Bune at the center. Arrange the candles around the sigil with equal spacing running from gold at a point farthest from you, to the right running red, yellow, orange, black. The bowl of soil should be placed in front of the sigil, with the magnet resting upon it. Light a new incense.

Write Your Petition: On the piece of parchment, write your specific business goals and desires.

Candle Anointment: Anoint each candle with the orange essential oil and honey, charging them with your aspirations for success and the energy of attraction and wealth.

Calling Upon Bune: Recite Bune’s Enn while focusing on her sigil, feeling her presence envelop the space: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa.” Repeat this nine times.

Candle Lighting: Light each candle, starting with gold for wealth, red for passion, yellow for opportunity, orange for attraction, and black for decisive action. As you light each candle, recite:
Flame of gold, bring wealth untold,
Red for passion in actions bold,
Yellow spark, opportunities unfold,
Orange glow, attraction’s hold,
Black, for decisions wise and old.

Folding the Petition: Fold the paper inwards in halves 3 times, then place it under the bowl of soil.

Recitation for Guidance: Speak the following invocation with conviction:
Great Duchess Bune, Queen of insight, I call upon you in this rite.
Guide my hand in choices made, let my ventures be well laid.
Bring forth clients, true and kind, their perfect match in me, they’ll find.
Opportunities, let them flow, and in my work, let it show.
As a magnet draws iron sure, to my cause, good fortunes lure.
Improve my service, raise my fame, to all I offer, do the same.
In profits made, let me soar, creating legacies of lore.
By earth and fire, my pledge is cast, Bune’s power and wisdom, vast and vast!

Offering: Place the copper coins and gold items onto the sigil, offering them to Bune as a token of gratitude and investment in your success.

Sealing the Ritual: With all candles and insense burning, and the offerings made, envision the energies intertwining, Bune’s power infusing your business plan with potential and prosperity. Look upon each candle flame one by one as you feel their warmth light the bowl of soil below. Now continue to picture your business success, in specific ways unique to your business. As you do so, gently and slowly chant the following, repeating it until you feel a change in the atmosphere. “By Bune this shall be.

Closing Statement: After a few moments of meditation and visualization of your business flourishing, conclude the ritual by saying:

As I will it, it shall be,
This bond with Bune set potential free.
With thanks and honor, I part this space,
Empowered to grow with great Bune’s grace.

Extinguishing the Candles: Snuff out the candles starting from the black and moving through orange, yellow and red to the gold, sealing in the energy and concluding the ceremony.

Stand and say with passion “Hail Bune!

After the Ritual: Keep the magnet on your person or in your business place as a constant reminder of your connection to Bune and your intent to attract prosperity.

The bowl of soil can be used to plant a seedling, symbolizing the growth of your business. Every time you care for the plant, you will remember the ritual and Bune’s commitment to your long-term success.


Additional Information

The Ritual for Business Guidance is a long-term working and requires effort on your behalf. Bune will provide insights, will guide your hand and help with decisions. She will send signs, She will send customers and She will create opportunity – but it is up to you to heed the signs and act on the opportunities.

It is also essential to give thanks to Bune when you enjoy major successes on your business journey.