Ritual of Charisma and Eloquence

ritual of business success

Purpose: The Ritual of Charisma and Eloquence is used when the caster needs to amplify personal charisma, enhance eloquence, and improve communication skills.

Whilst most think of Bune as a prosperity deity, one of her strongest abilities is to enhance one’s overall charisma by amplifying and improving all aspects related to it. From speaking confidence to word content, from sparkle and wit to becoming naturally enthralling.

This is particularly useful in any sales situation or when it’s important for the caster to ‘win friends and influence people’


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil, either drawn or printed.
White and gold candles.
Incense: Oud or sandalwood.
Essential oil of orange.
A small mirror.
A small smooth quartz crystal that has been covered with salt for 24hrs before.



Place Bune’s sigil before you.

Anoint the gold candle with the essential oil of orange, and the white candle with honey.

Arrange the white and gold candles either side of the sigil, white to the left, gold to the right.

Position the mirror and the quartz crystal in the center, alongside the sigil.

Light the incense, letting its aromatic smoke cleanse the room and elevate your intent.

When you are ready, light the candles, white then gold. As you light them begin to call upon Bune by softly chanting her Enn: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

Continue chanting Bune’s Enn as you bring your eyes to rest upon Her sigil. Study its design, allowing your consciousness to immerse in its power. Keep your eyes on the sigil until it begins to shimmer and shine in the candle light.

Now take your left hand and hold it over the white candle, near enough to feel it’s heat but not so near as to burn your hand. As you do so say: “Great Duchess Bune, empower my voice to be clear and resonate.

Move your left hand over the gold candle and as you do so, say: “Queen Bune, enhance my charisma, let my aura captivate and fascinate.

Now, hold your left hand over the mirror and quartz at a distance close enough to almost touch, and say: “Lady Bune, grant me eloquence, let my words flow with significance.

Hold your hand over the mirror until you feel warmth pass between your hand and the items below.

When ready, pick up and look into the mirror, directly into your own eyes. Visualize a luminous aura enveloping you, radiating charm and eloquence. Feel this energy making you more articulate, magnetic, and persuasive.

When ready, pick up and hold the the quartz crystal tightly in your left hand. As you hold it meditate on scenarios where you are exhibiting exceptional charisma and eloquence — speeches, conversations, presentations, or any form of communication.

When your visualization feels complete, keep holding the crystal, and convey your gratitude to Lady Bune for her gracious guidance and empowerment.

Return your gaze to Bune’s sigil and chant the Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa”

Conclude the ritual with the statement, “My speech is freed, so mote it be.” Immediately blow out the candles.

Keep the crystal with you whenever you need to express enhanced charisma and eloquence.


Additional Information

The Ritual of Charisma and Eloquence channels Lady Bune’s energy to heighten your charisma and enhance your eloquence, making you more influential in your interactions. It can help even the most shy or nervous social recluse by unlocking the caster’s natural confidence that has been hidden away by upbringing and external circumstances. Whilst the crystal begins as the enhancer, over time the caster will receive sufficient energy from the crystal that they no longer require it.

In some situations when the caster is truly uncomfortable in social circumstances, and their built in resistance to change is high, the ritual may need to be repeated, with typically worrying social situations approached in small increasing steps. Over time the ritual will work as intended.