Ritual to Break the Veil

ritual to break the veil

Purpose: To establish a strong and safe channel for communication with the spirits of the dead, under the guidance and protection of Lady Bune.

This ritual to “Break the Veil” with Bune, given Her necromantic associations, seeks to facilitate communication with the spirits under her dominion. It can be used to seek answers, clarity or information on any subject related to the deceased, and with Bune’s help and guidance this information will be true.

Bune’s position in the great beyond ensures any contact made will be controlled, with spirits under Her guidance careful to not cause Her displeasure.


Items Needed:

Bune’s sigil of power.
A dark mirror or a polished black stone, to act as a focal point for scrying and to symbolize the veil between worlds.
2 black candles to represent Bune’s power and the thinning of the veil.
Incense: Sandalwood, to honor the dead and invite spiritual presence.
A small offering for Bune, such as a silver coin, to acknowledge her dominion in this ritual.


Exactly at midnight, and preferably on a new moon, when the veil is believed to be thinnest.


Preparation: Cleanse the space and yourself to ensure a safe, sacred environment. Reflect on your intent and approach the ritual with reverence.

Setting the Space: Arrange Bune’s sigil in front of you with the dark mirror or black stone positioned immediately behind it, laid in such a way that you will be able to see your reflection. Place the candles either side of the sigil.

At Midnight, begin the following:

Call upon Bune, by reciting Her Enn three times: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

Candle Lighting: Light the left-hand candle first, stating, “With this flame, I acknowledge the thinning of the veil.” Then light the right side candle, saying, “By the guidance of Great Duchess Bune, I seek wisdom from the spirits.

Invoking Midnight Bune: Recite Bune’s Enn repeatedly, focusing on the sigil, and picturing Bune and her dominion over the spirits: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa.

When you feel a change in the room, light the incense as an offering to both Bune and the spirits, saying, “May this sacred smoke honor the dead and carry my intentions through the veil.

Let the smoke fill the space and watch it’s form dance and weave across the candles.

Scrying: Gaze into the dark mirror or stone, allowing your eyes to relax, your focus to drift, and your mind to open to any images, words, or sensations that come through.

When you feel a new change in the room, speak clearly your desire to communicate with the spirits, saying, “Under the watchful eye of Lady Bune, I reach out to those who have passed before. Speak, that I may listen with respect and humility.

Sit quietly, absorbing the atmosphere, and be attentive to any messages or signs that you receive. Do not force the interaction; let it come naturally.

Closing: Thank Bune and any spirits that may have communicated with you, saying, “I thank you, Great Duchess Bune, and the spirits who have joined me tonight. Spirits go now in peace, and let the veil return as it was.

Closing the Veil: Snuff out the two candles, right side then left to symbolize the closing of the veil.

Focus now on Bune’s sigil, repeat Her Enn three more times, then place the offering on Bune’s sigil as thanks for her protection and guidance during the ritual – saying “With this offering I thank You, Oh Great Bune, I thank you for your kindness and thank you for the care and compassion you show to those who have entered your realm. Glory to your name. Hail Bune!

Reflect on what you have learned and then leave the space, going outside for fresh air, or having a shower to cleanse yourself. Bune’s offering should be left on Her sigil for 3 days and nights, then given to a charity or good cause.

Remember that any communication made, should be kept confidential, treated with the utmost respect, and never misused.


Additional Information

The Ritual to Break the Veil is a form of necromancy – an area of magic that requires a profound level of respect and caution. It is traditionally understood as a practice for communicating with the dead to uncover hidden knowledge and should be approached with seriousness and a clear understanding of one’s intentions. Do not enter this ritual lightly.

Some practitioners feel a deep sense of sadness for an extended period after breaking the veil. It is advised not to carry out rituals like this too often, to avoid risks of depression or anxiety.