Ritual of Enough

ritual of enough

Purpose: The Ritual of Enough invokes the benevolence of Bune for a life of contentment, ensuring that one always has enough for a comfortable and worry-free existence. This is a path to true wealth, more than great riches and more than great power.


Items Needed:

A sigil of Bune.
A blue altar cloth to represent tranquility and depth.
Candles in shades of green for growth and silver for stability, along with black to absorb negativity and gold for abundance.
Incense sticks of Oud, Sandalwood, or Musk to invite Bune’s presence.
Essential oil – your favorite scent – for anointing the candles, symbolizing the joy of life’s simple pleasures.
A variety of coins to represent the spectrum of wealth and the concept of ‘enough.’
Natural crystals of Citrine or Jade, known for attracting prosperity and financial peace.
A bowl of clean water to symbolize clarity and purity of intention.
A piece of paper and pen to write down affirmations of gratitude and sufficiency.



Space Preparation: Begin by cleansing your ritual area with your chosen incense, allowing the smoke to wash over the space, clearing away any energies of lack or excess.

Prepare Affirmations: Write down affirmations of gratitude for what you currently have, expressing thankfulness for the abundance in your life.

Altar Arrangement: Drape the blue cloth on the altar. Position the sigil of Bune at the center. Place the bowl of water at the front, with the candles surrounding the sigil. Arrange the coins and crystals upon the sigil in a manner that’s pleasing to your eye.

Candle Anointment: Anoint each candle with your chosen essential oil, charging them with the vibrancy of a life well-lived and the harmony of having enough. As you anoint the candles softly chant Bune’s Enn: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa.”

Candle Lighting: Light the candles, beginning with green for sufficiency, silver for stability, black for protection, and ending with gold for continued abundance. As you light them, chant softly:
Green flame grow, sufficiency to know,
Silver light, stability in sight,
Black wane fear, protective sphere,
Golden blaze, abundance stays.

Bune’s Enn: Focusing on the sigil, recite Bune’s Enn: “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa.” Chant this three times, with a voice full of hope and sincerity.

Affirmation of Gratitude: Fold the paper and float it upon the water in the bowl.

Petition for Enough: Speak the following invocation with heartfelt emotion:
Great Duchess Bune, Lady of abundance and grace,
I seek not excess, nor the void’s cold embrace.
Grant me enough, so in peace I may thrive,
For a life of contentment, simple and alive.
Enough to live, enough to give,
In harmony and joy, let me exist and strive.
Fill my days with your balanced touch,
Great Bune, I ask not for too much.
Just enough for comfort, for love and for health,
This, the truest form of wealth.

Consecration of Offerings: Hold the coins and crystals in your hands, infusing them with your wish for just enough. Place them back onto Bune’s sigil as an offering of commitment to balance and moderation.

Sealing the Intent: Watch the floating affirmation, and visualize your life filling with exactly what you need, when you need it. Feel the security and happiness that comes from knowing you have enough.

Closing the Ritual: Dip your fingers into the bowl of water, sprinkle a few drops over the sigil, your offerings, and then over yourself, affirming each time, “With Bune’s blessing, I shall always have enough.

Extinguishing Candles: One by one, snuff out the candles, starting with black and ending with green. With each extinguished flame, affirm, “The light of enough is within me. By Bune’s great glory, mote it be.

Finishing Enn: Repeat Bune’s Enn three more times then say “By Bune’s great glory it is done. Hail Bune!


Post-Ritual Practice:

Keep the crystals on your person or in your home as a constant reminder of the balance you seek. Use the coins to make a purchase or donation, symbolizing the flow of enough in and out of your life.


Additional Information

The Ritual of Enough celebrates the beauty of sufficiency and the inner peace that comes from understanding and embracing it. With Bune’s guidance, you can foster a life where you have enough, not just in material terms, but in all facets of your existence.