Bune Sigils

Bune has two base sigils associated with Her – a geometric sigil and a freeform sigil – and while they both work equally, devotees tend to be drawn to one more than the other.

Bune’s Base Sigils

All Bune sigil recipes we share below are based on these two bases. Personally we find the freeform ‘draconic’ sigil to carry more concentrated effect and so we refer to it in our recipes as Bune’s power sigil.

Some practitioners prefer Bune’s sigil to be contained within a named circle, creating a Goetic seal – whilst others feel that the circling of the sigil can be restrictive to accessing Bune’s full power and opt instead to use Bune’s sigil mark alone.

Bune Sigils in White

Bune Sigils in Black

Bune Sigils in Gold

Bune Sigils – Wax Effect

Bune Sigil Recipes

We have created a number of specific sigil recipes using a combination of alchemy, symbolism and other sigil magick.

These combination sigils use either of Bune’s 2 sigil marks along with other symbolism connected to enhancing any particular need – or they are fully new sigils created through channeling Bune and act as a powerful visual shorthand to otherwise complex spell-casting and ritual.

We find these new Bune sigils work very well as focus points for any given task – and we will be adding more as we create new sigil recipes and test their effectiveness.