Welcome All – Hail Duchess Bune!

Welcome to Bune’s Altar, a devotional offering to The Great Duchess Bune and a free resource for those taking the left hand path in the light of Her blessings.

bunes altar began as a mobile altar for devotion to bune on the goEverything on Bune’s Altar is made to honor Bune and is completely free to use in any way shape or form, provided it is for Her continued promotion and exaltation.

This website began several years ago as a simple digital altar to help practitioners have easy access to a virtual altar and listen to Her enn, on any device when no physical altar was available or possible.

And while Bune’s Altar still provides Her original digital altars, the site has now become a vast free resource center celebrating Bune, complete with a wide range of devotional artworks, illustrations, detailed information and examples of rituals, spells, pacts and other methods used to connect with and work with this incredible being.

Alongside these resources we provide an easy way to publish your own success stories and testimony, should you wish to share Bune’s blessings in thanks and gratitude.

Bune’s kindness is legion – may She bless you with what you seek…

Hail Bune!

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Bune Resources

From our digital Altars to artwork, downloadable sigils to results-getting pathwork, Bune’s Altar is a one-stop shop for Bune’s followers and devotees – with everything available completely free, for any devotional purpose.

digital devotional altars to bune

Digital Altars

Our standalone digital altars provide easy access to a devotional space on any device, in a variety of themes and styles.

View Altars

print ready paintings of goetia Bune


Print-ready artwork suitable for use on home altars, or indeed anything! Illustrations are all available under CC 4.0

Bune Artwork

goetic sigils and alchemy symbols

Bune Sigils

Download Bune’s sigils and related alchemical drawings in a variety of styles, from simple PNGs to ornate works of art.

Sigil Library

rituals and other left hand path works


Use our tried and tested resources, including petitions, pacts, rituals and spellwork as-is or as a base for your own work.

Pathwork Resources

bune from ancient times to present

Bune: Viewpoints Across Time

Bune is many things to many people, from Daemon to Goddess, Spirit Guide to Guardian. Yet across thousands of pages of history, research and new writing, there are constants: Her power, Her helpfulness and Her speed of action.

Bune’s Altar aims to bring together everything that’s been written in ancient books, researched by learned scholars and devotees, added to by left hand path practitioners and magicians, and in the digital age by bloggers and esoteric websites.

As an ongoing act of devotion to Bune, our plan is to create a single authoritative library of Her information, compiled and formed into a new source of learning.

This won’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process, but it’s coming!

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